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6 super-foods you must include in your diet | Samiksha Diagnostic Centre | The best diagnostic center for you and your loved ones

6 super-foods you must include in your diet

Eating Healthy is one of the most important aspect of living a healthy life. A balanced diet should contain adequate amount of carbs, proteins, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

Here are some super foods, which are loaded with vitamins and minerals, which helps us in maintaining our well being.

  • Eggs : Eggs are a great source of proteins and omega. They are rich in fats and other essential nutrients, like Vitamin D, calcium and chlorine. Eggs helps us in weight loss, because of proteins, and helps us to feel full, regulating hunger and appetite hormones.
  • Beans: Beans are high fibrous food, and helps us during weight loss programs. It helps us to feel fuller longer, and controlling hunger. They also helps us in lowering Blood Pressures, reducing cholesterol, help in fighting cardiovascular diseases.
  • Fruits: Fruits are loaded up with minerals, vitamins, fiber and antioxidants. They can be a better replacement than any junk or processed food. A recent study has found that, higher consumption of fruits has reduced obesity, heart diseases, sugar, helping to fight cancer and other diseases.
  • Almonds: They are excellent source of fiber, and high in protein. Loaded with Vitamin E, they act as a good source of heart healthy mono-polyunsaturated fats.
  • Meat: Meat is an excellent source of proteins, minerals and fiber. Meat helps us to maintain our daily intake of protein. Lean meat, helps in reducing weight and at the same time, helps to pt a check on bad cholesterol.
  • Fishes : Rich in Omega 3 and other minerals, fishes helps us to provide nutrients to the mind and body. It is considered to be a smart food, because, it helps you to meet most of the nutrients requirement by the body. Eg, proteins, healthy fat, vitamin E, minerals, omega 3 fatty acids and many more.

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